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    We are Panamanian corporation with 10 years of experience,
    certified by the international standard ISO 9001.
    We are dedicated to the fabrication, distribution and trading
    of ambulances and emergency medical supplies in Latin America.
  • Quality
    Our processes are aligned to ISO 9001: 2008
    so we are committed to a Quality Policy
    and continuous improvement.
  • Innovation
    Our experience and continuous improvement of our processes,
    allow us to offer innovative solutions,
    for emergency medical transport and emergency care
    in Centralamerica and the Caribbean.

Quality Service

We stand by the quality of our products, our innovative work philosophy and the dedication of our human talent; together we achieve the total satisfaction of our customers.


An Ambulance for the Telethon 20-30


Supplies Trading, SA and collaborators fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility, delivered an ambulance with medical equipment to the National Institute of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (INMFR) as part of a donation to Project Telethon 20-30. About 250 patients are seen daily in this center will benefit from the new transfer vehicle.

Modern ambulance was delivered by CEO Supplies Trading, José Tabares to the INMFR medical director, Marcos Salazar Fong, along with Active 20-30 Club members, including its president Enrique Villegas, in a ceremony held in headquarters special rehabilitation center.

Our Recent Work


These ambulances were manufactured by Supplies Trading, SA, for "Estado Mayor Conjunto" in the Republic of Honduras.

This is the sign of our work together with our clients in LatinAmerica, confirming the quality and innovation always present in our management.


Additional delivery vehicles, training staff working for this public body on the management and use of equipment for ambulances was performed.

It is a pride for our corporation to participate and be promoters of this type of activities that put directly benefit the population of our latinamericanos countries, especially our brothers in the Republic of Honduras.

Recent News

Our Identity

Offer products that stands out, making a difference in the people´s lives. Having satisfied customers and when you think of quality products, we might be your # 1 choice. Besides purchase the products, our customers also found in Supplies Trading a high profile professionals who provide excellent technical support, warranty, maintenance and accessory in all medical equipment, occupational safety and health industry.
Offer our products in Central America so that our brothers in the region to benefit from the high-tech medical equipment at an affordable value that we provides port logistics and free trade agreements we maintain in Panama.
New targets we set ourselves continually to improve the quality of our processes as well as compliance of normative, legal and regulatory requirements that are part of our Quality Management System. Since senior management we ensure that this Quality Policy is reviewed, spread and understood by our staff and partners; in order to align our purposes, quality objectives and improve our professional performance.
We understand the safety and reliability of our products is vital to our customers, therefore all staff working in Supplies Trading is committed to creating value for its activities, demonstrating responsibility, punctuality, sense of belonging to our organization and a deep respect for our customers and partners.